Saturday, December 30, 2006

About reactions

What would a rich man do if his riches were taken away? What about an athlete whose health was lost? Or anyone who looses something so important to her or to him? How do we react? How do we continue to live?

Of course no many people know their reactions in advance. Even if something important has happened one time it doesn't mean that by experience one can say that the next time one would react in such and such way. That's part of life's surprises.

We all encounter daily smaller events that impact ourselves. We usually react without thinking. Sometimes even small things can cause us quite great impact. For example when a person who we regard as special, is watching us, we can become completely disoriented and we can loose control of our doings.

When you really think about it, we are impacted quite deeply by so many things continuously: teachers, friends, doctors, lawyers, colleagues,... Typically we just react without even thinking why.

Many years ago I suffered quite a bit when I did physical exercise. Finally some years later I was told I had very aggressive asthma of effort; the doctor was really concerned and gave me immediately the inhalator which I should keep with me always. When I left for home I was just thinking why should I change now my behaviour only because I was given the name of what I had. During the years I had learned to breathe correctly and control completely the annoyance. Why should I change now, just because a doctor told me a name? I was still the same person as the day before. This little event taught me an important lesson that I have thought many times.


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