Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another trial of discipline

I just learned today that I must follow again the iodine-free diet for four weeks. This time it'll be for the upcoming tests. I will confirm tomorrow, after lunch(!), when I need to start it. I guess immediately...

This will be the 8th time to follow such a diet. Each time it has been challenging as there are not many things that I can eat. Iodine is everywhere: sea-food, sea fish, sea salt, iodised salt, cheese, milk, and all other milk products, soya products, coconut,... I think the list is getting bigger each time! When I had the first round four years ago I was not told about the coconut nor the soya products.

This diet impacts the daily life; I have to bring my own food to the office, I cannot eat in the restaurants, no trips, no eating at friends' and need to prepare everything by myself. I had to refuse a trip to Madrid in mid-January. La proxima vez!

When you can eat just about anything, you never realise how challenging it is to live in today's world following a special diet. In the end of the day my diet is only for a month and it is also fairly simple. There are a lot of people having to follow much more difficult diets for their whole life. It must be a life-time challenge.

For me it'll be a little one month challenge and yet another trial of discipline.


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